Seduction by Steffan

Fort Myers, FL

alexjaded said: Brand New always reminds me of you woah it's an ask I bet you don't even get these any more WOAH ARE YOU SURPRISED?

Yeah, I am. Haha, thanks. I could say the same for you and Brand New. 


Another day of illness led to more Binding of Isaac, but fortune was kind enough to finally give me the Epic Fetus item! To celebrate (but mostly to take my mind off the germs), here’s Minecraft mobs…Binding of Isaac style.

Friends bring friends cheese.

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She’s just hanging out on my lap.

It’s tougher now

But the night is almost over, and the significance will fade.


Virtual Rx: how Oculus Rift could revolutionize mental health

The headsets are already being called ‘a game changer’ for treating PTSD and other psychiatric conditions

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